Tuesday 30 December 2014

Halfmoon island and Deception island

From 30th December:
Bright and early we woke up to a new day of expedition and the first landing was Halmoon island. First of was the snowshoers heading for a beautiful mountain top. From there they had a stunning view while enjoying the Antarctic silence.

Next of the kayakers hit the water for a circumnavigation of the whole island. On the far side of the island they could enjoy the singing of a Weddel seal, pure magic. Rest of the group did a landing on the beach and got the pleasure of meeting a lonely Maccaroni penguin among all the Chinstraps and the Wedell seal.

There is little time for rest on an expedition so while eating a lovely lunch the ship steamed ahead with course for Deception Island. “Inside” the  active volcano we did a landing at the old whalers station Whalers bay. On the beach steam is rising from the heat of the volcano covering the black sand in mist. Some of the guests went out with the Polarcircle boats on a geology cruise with the expert Steffen as their guide. 46 brave hikers joined on the demanding hike to Baily Head and the enormous Chinstrap colony there. It’s rare to do this hike with good weather, but on this day we were very lucky. The view was stunning!
Back on the beach many tough guests took the chance to swim in Antarctic water. Another amazing day on what is close to being a perfect voyage.