Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Eve is coming

After another great day at the Falklands, we had two sea days ahead of us, sailing towards South Georgia. But the arrival in South Georgia demands some preparations: IAATO briefings and vacuum cleaning our outergear & clothing, Kajak briefings, hiking briefings, pre-landing briefings and so on. Beside all this practical information, they were also lectures taking place, all kind of topics were covered, from Shackeltons adventures until seabirds in Antarctica.

BUT, of course it was also the days before Christmas Eve! All the days now, we could see here and there a bit more Christmas decoration on MV Fram and on the evening of the 23rd, it was time, to decorate the Christmas tree – with our own handmade decoration, everyone who felt like, created in the Cafeteria the days before  hangers and ornaments, Christmas tree balls, ribbons, stars, hearts – there was no limits for creativity.

And while Myles played Christmas songs on the piano, we all on board MV Fram decorated and sang around the tree. What a lovely evening. And then, finally Christmas Eve arrived. Up in the Panorama Lounge – with our own and unique Christmas tree, we sang Christmas songs, listened to the story of Betlehem and guess who arrived on MV Fram? Yes, Santa Claus was coming! And he brought a huge bag with him. He delivered the gifts to young and old, guests, staff and crew. It was a joyful, heart-warming atmosphere up in the Panorama lounge, and even when we all were actually far away from home, this evening we felt the Christmas spirit around us, happy to be on this very special voyage.