Tuesday 15 April 2014

A relaxed day in the Bay of Biscay

Today we had a sea day and after all the new impressions we got during the last days everybody enjoyed it,to have time to relax. The Bay of Biscay is well known for strong winds and waves, but we have been the lucky ones, the sea was calm like a lake and the sun was shining out of a clear blue sky. 

It was just the right weather to relax in a sun chair on the open decks.

But of course we could not only relax. We had the possibility to visit the bridge, where our Captain Rune Andreassen explained us the most important instruments.

Our lecture team had prepared lots of lectures with different topics for us again. So the day turned out as a mixture out of relaxing and learning.

In the evening we had an amazing sunset. It was still warm enough to stay outside, enjoy the fresh sea air and dream a bit.