Thursday 24 April 2014

Let’s start again

Three days of maintenance on board MV FRAM in Bergen that meant three days without passengers, three days with lots of meetings, with lots of workers running around the ship; people were running with important faces from meeting to meeting, travel agents tried to learn the ship, everybody seemed to be very busy and the ship looked between like an anthill.

God thanks, this afternoon everything went back to normal. Passengers arrived on board MV FRAM after a short city tour in Bergen around 16:00. 

The check in procedure was done fast. There was time enough to learn the ship before passengers went to their first dinner buffet. 

Just before MV FRAM left the harbor of Bergen the guests had to join the mandatory safety drill.

At 21:30 our Captain Rune Andreassen invited us for his Welcome Cocktail and introduced us to his team of officers and Karin Strand, our expedition leader, used later on the opportunity to present us her team of lecturers.

As all passengers had a long travel day all guests have been much tiered. So everybody was happy that we had to change our clock one hour backwards to get the Shetland Island time. One hour backward meant 1 hour longer sleep. That was just right for our first night on board.