Friday 18 April 2014

Sark and Guernsey – A flower power day

The day we spent on Sark and Guernsey. Both islands belong to the Channel Islands which are a British Crown dependency in the English Channel next to the coast of the Normandy. 

We started with Sark in the morning and joined Guernsey in the afternoon. It was an incredible day. The sun was shining out of a clear blue sky the whole day.

Both islands are well known for their flowers and we have been here just at the right time in spring. We had the feeling to walk in an oversized garden – especially in Sark, where it is not allowed to drive a car; even the doctor has to visit his patients with a tractor.

We offered many different excursions during the day, like a horse carriage tour, bicycle tours, hiking tours and on Guernsey also a bus tour. Look at the pictures and you will get a little impression what we experienced.