Saturday 12 April 2014

A sunny end and sunny start in Lisbon

FRAM reached the harbor of Lisbon around lunchtime. The sunny weather made it not a bit easier for the passengers of the last cruise to say “good bye” FRAM. After a nice voyage it is always hard to go, and so it is no wonder that some guests made the decision to stay for another cruise, our trip “Southern Europe – The Great Easter Voyage”.

Most of the new coming guests arrived in the afternoon. The check in was done very fast and everybody had time enough to get a first impression of our lovely lady MV FRAM.

Before we could leave Lisbon everybody had to participate in an emergency drill. Around 20:00 FRAM set sail in the direction of Leixoes (Porto), where we expect to be tomorrow in the late morning.

It was already a bit dark during we were sailing along the silhouette of the spectacular town of Lisbon.

A wonderful sunset colored the sky golden, orange and dark red later on. It was still not cold on the open decks and so we could enjoy our first evening even outside.

At 21:30 our Captain Rune Andreassen welcomed us in the Observation lounge and introduced us to his officers. The Hotel Manager Else Kristine Tjessem gave us some important information for the trip. After our Expedition leader Karin Strand had introduced us to her team we had at least seen nearly everybody, who would be important for our holidays on board FRAM.

Tired from the long travel and all the new impressions we went to bed.