Saturday 12 April 2014


No more islands on this trip. Sad thing...
BUT: What a new compilation of memories we have piled up in these 12 days! How many exotic places in very remote spots on the Atlantic map we have visited, how many plants and birds and rocks and craters we have seen, through how many picturesque villages we ambled, in how many churches we fell silent, how many miles we spent out on deck, breathing wonderful ocean air!
A little reluctant is the keyboard to capture the sea days now, as there is less to narrate, no friendly, wrinkled faces to describe, no beautiful landscape to portrait.
However, these days are busy days, too, in their own cozier pace. A whole new round of lectures and presentations is given, waffles lure everyone into the panorama lounge with their magnifi-scent (sorry, pun...), the bridge invited to a comprehensive visit, pianist Bjørn organized a really funny singing competition, and even the skies gave us a last adieu with an intense rainbow.
So, Captain's Farewell speech is spoken, passports are picked up. It is time to say good-bye to newly found friends, pack the suitcases and get ready for tomorrow.
Also I, your humble narrator for the last four weeks, will leave the ship today - vacation time. So I thank you all for following the story of our ship around the world. Those who traveled with us and heave a sigh reading it: You have those memories now, nobody can take them from you. Ever. That is a good thing, wouldn't you agree...?
And as things go, FRAM continues tonight, so - the Blog goes on!