Tuesday 17 February 2015

Neko and Lockroy

It was an early morning start for some of us as we went over to the Leith Island campsite to help those who over-nighted in the tents to pack their gear and return to the FRAM. By shortly after 8am we were on our way to Neko Harbour.

Neko Harbor was glorious. We had an easy landing with bright blue skies and a warm sunny day. Two days ago at Deception Island it was grim with rain,sleet and strong winds. Today the weather was just the opposite. The great weather allowed us to hold a “full boat” of activities. In addition into our landing at the Gentoo Penguin colony and the hike up to the overlook point, today we also had a kayak cruise as 20 passengers and 2 staff had an easy paddle across the bay. The paddle back to the pick-up point was more challenging and the rapidly falling tide carried long streams of floating ice across the kayakers route. This days photos speak for themselves. 
From Neko Harbor we motored through Neumeyer Channel to Post Lockroy. During our visit to this museum plus shop and post office the weather changed from clear and sunny to overcast and windy with occasional rain and sleet. This did not slow down our touring of the museum and our shopping and writing and mailing cards. The store at Port Lockroy always seems to have quality goodies to purchase ranging from stuffed toy penguins to excellent maps and books.
While some of us were in the restored building others went kayaking around Goudier Island where Port Lockroy is located. The event of the kayak trip was the leopard seal that was extra curious and several times raised its head out of the water near the kayaks to take a look at the paddlers. 

The day drew to a close as we made our evening transit through Lemaire Channel.