Tuesday 31 August 2010

Epic Eqip

No road, no house, nobody. Just us, in the far recess of a long fjord, strewn with ice blocks of all sizes. And I mean all sizes, the biggest bergs by far taller than FRAM, let alone the volume under water. Equip Sermia, the "glacier of Equip", releases incredible amounts of ice every day, and blimey!, it is an impressive sight. No one wants to believe that the front is actually nearly 4 kilometers wide and some 3,5 miles away. That's because we don't have a reference object. Normally, that is.

To our amazement there is a local ship that appears out of nowhere just in front of that huge blue-and-white wall. And suddenly we get the real picture… The rumbling and thundering keeps our heads spinning around every few instants - we all want to see it calving. But since most of the collapses occur inside the glaciers body, there is only minor splashing to be seen. Nonetheless a fantastic stop, inviting for long hikes into the tundra, on top of the hills or along the shoreline. Some, of course, have tough duties like Janus who, is in charge of watching the glacier… After a splendid stay ashore we are lured back on board by the smell of the on-board barbeque, the olfactory equivalent of sirens singing. With the most spectacular background we end this day eating peacefully, and with the last light of the day FRAM makes slowly out again towards the open sea.