Friday, 20 August 2010


...Gang-er-sluss-uark, Gang-er-sluss-uark: Whoever takes the trouble to pronounce the name of the place right will end up speaking it just this way for many, many times. Among our new arrivals there are quite a few walking around, nose in their notebooks, rehearsing like an actor. Greenlandic is certainly not the most palate-friendly idiom.
It is always a bit awkward to have changeover day, standing in the middle of two groups, one leaving that we have learned to know well over the recent days, and another one arriving, keen and happy and looking forward to the new adventure. But put it that way: Lookig back, facing beautiful memories may be a little sad, but you just had a time many others are longing to have. And who says you won't be back…?

And a smooth beginning it was, indeed: Everybody on time, no lost luggage, excursion vehicles ready to pick up the groups on the dot and everything under blue skies - again!
The orange Thermal Protection Suits have never been gleaming so happily on a drill as under the afternoon sun in the fjord, and during Captain's Welcome we nearly need our sunglasses in the observation lounge.
Quite many resist the urge to sleep and stay out on deck for a moment, while the second longest fjord in the world slowly plunges into the darkness of the greenlandic night.