Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The Hallelujah Icebergs Of Ilulissat

There are about four thousand dogs in Ilulissat.  There might be more dogs than people. Indeed, many settlements in Greenland have more dogs than people.  And the dogs are all the same breed.  Greenland dogs.   For the most part they live outdoors their entire lives.  Sometimes they have rudimentary shelter.  Sometimes not.  They are tough working dogs. They seem friendly enough.  Maybe some of them are friendly but petting them is sort of like playing Russian roulette.  "Don't pet the dogs" is the standard advice.  Yes, it may be wagging it's tail and looking very cute and coy with a "come pet me" wriggling body posture.  You might be fine for awhile.  If you are a dog person and can't resist, pet the puppies.

Our day was spent in Ilulissat.  Just about everyone saw the Ice Fjord (also called Kangia ).  Many people saw the fjord and the crazy amount of ice from the air.  Others saw it from the sea and still others from shore.  Today it was even more spectacular than the last time we were there.  The sea was like a perfect mirror.  You couldn't tell where the sky stopped and the water began.  Did anyone see James Cameron's movie Avatar?   The ice reminded me of the Hallelujah floating mountains in Avatar.  I know I am a bit of a geek at times but geek or not, the vista of ice was truly other worldly.  The reflections were so perfect it seemed like the gigantic icebergs were floating in the air.