Thursday 12 August 2010

There Aren't Any Vuvuzela's Here.

We had plenty to do in the morning and afternoon while we headed south on our way to Itilleq.  There was a full plate of lectures in German, English and Danish.  There were briefings about the plan for tomorrow.  You could take a stroll on deck, go to the gym, have a sauna, enjoy the Observation lounge on deck seven or just do nothing at all.  

We dropped anchor at 15:30.  By 16:00 just everyone was on shore.  A crowd was beginning to gather around the soccer field in anticipation of the weekly match between Fram and Itilleq.

It's not South Africa and it's not the World Cup but here in Itilleq the beautiful game unites the world in an unlikely a place.  Today we had people from 15 different countries having a huge amount of fun playing and watching a soccer match on a small sandy pitch in the heart of the village.  The same field where a Polar Bear was shot just two months ago by the former Prime Minister of Greenland.  
It would be difficult to imagine a more diverse group of people. There are no millionaire spoiled athletes here.   Just everyone having fun.  No one cares who you are, or what you do, or even if it's the first time you ever kicked a ball.  Just play. Have fun.
As usual the Fram side was badly trounced.  We lost 10-4.  It turns out that soccer is a popular game in Greenland.
The crowd cheered between mouthfuls of hot coffee and delicious cakes served along the sidelines. There were no vuvuzela's here.  Just lots of cheering and clapping.
Before, after, or even during the match, there was lots of opportunity to wander around the village.  There were a few hand made crafts for sale in "the pink house".  
At 17:45 it was time for the last boat to head back to the ship.  
Right now the sky has cleared up once again.  There is a fog bank off to the starboard side.  It looks like it will be a really nice evening for cruising up Kangerlussuaq Fjord.  If it is a clear night, it will be spectacular.