Tuesday 31 August 2010

Tapas in Ilulissat

That's it, transition complete, we are in tourist city. Ilulissat, Greenlands Paris, has so much to offer that you have to take your pick; in only one or two days you won't make it all: So, what's it gonna be: Fly into the fjord with the helicopter, go on a really long hike to Holmsbakke (beau-ti-ful!!) or take it a little slower by joining a boat trip into the icefjord or simply by walking down to Sermermiut, the "Great Glacier" which cuts through wide parts of the land behind the town. Whatever it is, you will encounter the largest, highest, most impressive icebergs there are. In the world. The size is hard to believe, it is more a mountain range made of ice that anything else. It is a truly unique sight, you cannot help but breathe more deeply, and if you sit down somewhere on a rock, silently, without moving, you will have a true Arctic moment that stays with you for a long time.
The rest is relaxing, shopping, having a coffee on a terrace in the afternoon sun. Or go and witness how much this place has adapted to international standards by having seal tapas in a restaurant nearby. If it weren't for the many, many fishing boats in the harbour or the large number of dogs in the plains just outside town you'd really think this place could be anywhere. But just a few days ago we were in Kullorsuaq, remember?