Monday 2 August 2010

Uummannaq and Ukkusisat

The day we visit Uummannaq and Ukkusisat is a very full day.  We arrived in Uummannaq at 10:00.  It was too sunny.  Too warm.  The result was a patchy sea fog that throbbed in and out from shore.  At times the ship was enveloped in thick fog.  It posed some minor challenges for the AB's (able bodied seamen) driving our Polar Cirkle boats.  We could hear the ship's bell ringing to aid the Ab's in locating the ship.  It created a really cool atmosphere and was wonderful for photography.
Today I joined everyone at the Hotel Uummannaq for a featured lunch that we offer our guests as an extra option.  I have to say it was fantastic!  A very special buffet table was laden with all sorts of local delicacies.  A spicy reindeer stew (my favourite) seal stew, minke whale (I passed on the whale meat) halibut, fresh shrimp, various salads and a whole lot more.  I ate way too much!  The view from the tables on the balcony was majorly spectacular.

What do you need after a huge lunch?  No. Not a nap.  A hike is the thing.  It was a perfect day to scamper over  the rocks behind Uummannaq.  There were at least 50 people on our hike. Every single person that went was really glad they chose to go.   On a day like we had today it is impossible to take a bad photograph.  You could trip with your camera in your hand and come up with a great photo!  That's how good the weather and scenery were.

Precisely at 19:30 we reached the village of Ukkusisat.  It is my favourite stop on our itinerary. Why?  Because it is where we have the most contact with the local people.  Over time we have established friendships and a wonderful relationship with this small village of 150 people (and about 250 dogs)!
50 people from Ukkusisat came on board Fram where they entertained us with folk dancing and singing in the Observation lounge, in fact some of us participated in the square dancing which was really fun!

At 21:00 we hopped into the Polar Cirkle boats and went to explore  the village.  We were invited into the community centre for coffee and cake.

By the time all was said and done it was 22:30 before everyone was back on the ship.
Whew! A full day but a really great day!