Friday 6 August 2010

Seize Your Vacation

I believe you will look back at this blog in years to come and be reminded of the happy days you spent with us on Fram in Greenland.  That is how confident I am that you are going to have a great time with us.
The initial photograph is close to the moment in time when you first saw the ship. You were standing on an isolated pier in the middle of Greenlandic wilderness.  It was a gorgeous sunny day.  Some of you were surprised at how nice the weather was.  Kangerlussuaq has 300 hundred cloud free days per year so the odds were pretty good that it would be sunny when you arrived. You were just about to hop on a Polar Cirkle boat which would bring you to your home-away-from-home.  Look at all of those happy smiling faces.  A year from now, two years from now, when you look back at this day by checking the blog I am sure you will be smiling again.
After the checkin process on deck three was over and you were shown to your room, it was soon time for dinner.
At 20:30 there was a mandatory safety drill on deck five which was immediately followed by Captain Rune Andreassen's welcome speech.  We were introduced to some of the ship's officers and the expedition team.

For many of you, travelling to Greenland has been a dream for a very long time and now, finally you are here.  I wonder if that has sunk in yet?

All of you are on vacation in a very special place with incredible scenery and wonderful people.   Make the most of it.  Relax. Enjoy the ship and everything it has to offer.  Attend lectures.  Go to the crew show.  Try the jacuzzi.  Meet the crew.  Get to know your fellow passengers.  Where else will you meet people from different parts of the world all sharing a common interest.   When you have the opportunity on shore, go exploring.  Try some of the local food. Go on hikes with us.  Try an excursion or two. We will do everything to make sure you have a fantastic vacation but you have to do your part too.

Seize your vacation.  You are in Greenland!  Kalaallit Nunaat.