Wednesday 4 August 2010

Would You Go To Rome And Not See The Coliseum?

You can't go all the way to Greenland and then travel to Ilulissat and let a little rain stop you from going to the mouth of Kangia Fjord to witness one of the most spectacular scenes on earth.  That would be just plain crazy.  Would you go to Niagara Falls and not see the waterfall?  Would you go to the Grand Canyon and not see the canyon?  Perhaps you would just look the other way?  Would you go to Rome and not see the coliseum?  Of course you wouldn't.  That would be crazy.

We are not crazy.  A light rain (heavy mist?) would not keep us from seeing what might be considered an eighth wonder of the world.  We walked through Ilulissat in a light rainfall and you know what?  It was downright pleasant.

Soon we were on the outskirts of town and going through the centre of what you might call dog city.  Hundreds (or at least it appeared to be hundreds) of Greenland dogs are kept just outside of town.  They are working dogs.  Sled dogs.  There were many puppies waddling about.  It is important to keep new young dogs coming up for your team.

Another twenty minutes of walking brought us to a stunning lookout over the fjord.  Awesome is a very tired word but it IS an awesome site.  And it is the major reason that the Ilulissat region is a Unesco World Heritage site.