Friday 13 August 2010

When You First Touched Greenland

Let’s talk about your vacation in Greenland for just a moment.

This photograph represents a very special moment in time. It’s the moment you first touched Greenland.  You must have been excited.  This is a big trip to a very exotic destination.  Perhaps you had been dreaming about going to Greenland a for a very long time. And now the dream has become reality.
You had a hundred questions going through your mind: 
What will the people in Greenland be like?  
What will the landscape look like? 
You were curious about the ship, the food, your cabin, the people working on the ship. 
You asked yourself, “will I get sea sick? Will it be really cold?  Will I see an iceberg?”
Now the great mystery of your vacation is being unravelled moment by moment. 

When you arrived at the Kangerlussuaq airport you were greeted by members of the expedition team.  Outside there were three buses waiting to take you to the head of Kangerlussuaq Fjord.  After a twenty minute ride through the rugged hills paralleling the fjord the bus crested a hill and there lay MS Fram!  Another wave of excitement flooded through you.
Now it was time to put on a life jacket and your first ride in a Polar Cirkle boat. You checked in on deck three, were issued I.D. cards and escorted to your cabin.  Now there was time to investigate your new home.  Soon there were lots of lost people wandering about!

At 20:30 everyone attended a compulsory safety drill. Right after the drill we met the Captain in the Observation Lounge on deck seven.  The Captain gave a welcome speech and introduced some of the officers and the Expedition Team.

The moment you first touched Greenland was very special, but the most special moment will be when you are touched by Greenland.