Saturday, 23 February 2013

It needs time to be prepared

After a good sleep during our first night on board FRAM we awoke in a Drake Lake. There was absolutely no wind. The sea was flat like a mirror. And those, that have been up early could enjoy an incredible nice sunrise.

This day was made for our Antarctica preparation.  Our lecturers were working hard to give us all the information about Antarctica. We had even a photo work shop where we were trained by our board photographer to do good photos later on. We felt a little bit like students in a university. Learning, learning, learning. Is this really a holiday day? Yes – we had so much fun and our expectations became even bigger as more as we heard about Antarctica.

Between the lecturers we had to vacuum our outdoor clothes and bag backs to be sure that we do not introduce any seeds or other biological material into Antarctica. After lunch we had the famous “Rubber boot rental”. The Muck boots we got look very warm and comfortable.

Antarctica – we are ready to go. We are looking forward to our first landing tomorrow.  Until now we were dreaming about penguins and ice. Tomorrow it will become reality.