Friday 22 February 2013

Welcome to South America, welcome to Ushuaia, welcome aboard MV FRAM!

It is a change-over day again. In the early morning the guests from our last cruise were leaving the ship. There was still time for nice excursions in the surrounding of Ushuaia. The weather was beautiful, perhaps even a little bit too nice as it became very hard to let this wonderful part of the world behind and fly home. But there is always a possibility to come back. 

The sunshine was of course perfect for the new incoming guests. Even though we had a little bit of rain in the late afternoon, there was no wind and the temperature was mild. It is still high summer in the southern part of the world and Ushuaia showed itself from its best side. The town was very colorful as everything was still flowering. Some guests had a first chance for bird watching (Dolphin Gull and Caracara) directly next to the beach. We enjoyed it all, but we are looking forward to the icy continent, looking forward to Antarctica.

Around 7pm we set sail. We left Ushuaia behind and sailed through the Beagle Channel in the direction of the Drake Passage. Just before we left we had the mandatory safety briefing and then of course a first dinner on board. At 9pm our Captain Rune Andreassen introduced us to his officers and our Expedition leader Anja Erdmann. She introduced us to the lecture staff on board.

As it was our first evening after our long travel from all over the world most passengers went to bed early – perhaps dreaming of the first penguins, seals, whales and the first ice.