Thursday, 18 September 2014

09.09.14 Mestersvig / Alpefjord DAY 6

Today we visited two places, Alpefjord and Mestersvig. Mestersvig/Nyhavn is an airfield and a old mining town from the 1950s’ and 60’. This was more or less a ”normal landing” with kajakking haking and just enjoying the landscape and wildlife. 
Some were lucky and spotted musk oxen and some saw the snow hare and most of us saw tracks of a BIG polar bear. There has been two resent visits from polar bear in Mestersvik.

In the afternoon we sailed in to Alpefjord, a narrow fjord sorrounded by mountains over 2000 meters high. In the end two gaciers meet and goes all the way down to the water. Its not easy to go on land, so we go out in the ”polar circle boats” and cruice for a while. We went close to the icebergs, drove along  the 20 meter high wall of ice and we even saw some bearded seals relaxing on a piece of glacer ice.

When we woke up the weather not god, it was foggy, rainy and cold. Just as we set foot in Mestervig we saw the sun, and after that it just got better.