Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Day 12, 01.09, Ísafjörður

After a rough night with a lot of waves we woke up to calmer seas and land it sight. We had reached the north west coast of Island. As we had not yet reached our final destination of the day, we started the day with a nice breakfast and four lectures.
At 12 o’clock we reached the port of Ísafjörður (ice fjord in Iceland), the largest town in the peninsula of Vestfirðir with its 4000 inhabitants. We had almost twelve hours to be able to see the town, buy souvenirs, go to the museum, go hiking, taste the flavors of Island and to ride on the famous Islandic horses. It was a great first day on Island.

Today the crew had made Philipin food for us and they finished of the night with a spectacular show at the bar. The show made us sing, dance (even if it was only in the chair) and laugh a lot. Thank you for that =) As the show  finished, so did our stay in Ísafjörður. As we all went to bed the ship sailed of to our next destination: Flateyri.