Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Day 11, 31.08, Scoresbysund and heading for Iceland

Early this morning we suddenly got a new signal on our cell phones. It said Tele Greenland. This could only mean one thing… We were very close to the only town in Greenland we were going to visit. Scoresbysund (Ittoqqortoormiit). This is considered one of the most isolated places in Greenland, with 450 people living there. This small town is for many not even considered a town, more like a tribe of people. But in Greenland it is real, it is not a tribe. We got a program and map delivered by the landing site and after that we went out to explore – even though it was a bit windy and rainy, it did not stop anyone. It was nice to see people again, visit the stores, being able to buy souvenirs for once, seeing the East Greenlandic nationalsuit, the church… Well. It was a good landing.

At noon we departed Ittoqqortoormiit heading for Iceland and the afternoon was spent on lectures in both English and German. This was nice, the Denmark Strait was still pretty calm. But around dinner time the storm hit us. Between 20-30 m/s and waves between 4-6 meters high. A quiz was arranged in the panorama lounge, but this we had to cancel due to lack of guests (And staff for that matter). Seasickness took over most of the ship late evening and it was extremely quiet in the hallways.