Thursday, 18 September 2014

17.09.14 Magdalenefjord / Ny-Ålesund DAY 14

Today we arrived in Svalbard. Here it has really become winter! We were in Magdalene fjord this morning and it was very windy, cold and snowing. It was a bit slipery as well on the landing site, so the landing was shorter than expected. Passengers went back onboard after a little time on shore.  
The second place today was Ny-Ålesund. Here we really had a snowblizzard. Even deck 5 and 7 were covered in snow. Passengers did go out again, but unfortunately most people came back a little cold and wet.

We did the captains farewell in the observation lounge during the evening and shortly after we had an auction for the charity foundation in Greenland ”The Greenlandic children”. 
We had the ships flag, signed by all the officers and expedition team, all the place names and a map over Greenland we had been using during this voyage, for sale.