Friday, 5 September 2014

Reykjavik 04.09 DAY 15 & DAY 1

We had a very quiet night, let’s just say that everyone could feel they were going home early the next morning… The bar was empty, no one in the gym, no people sitting in reception, none in the Jacuzzi… It almost felt like our dear passengers had already left!

At breakfast the passengers started their goodbyes to the crew and us in the expedition team, we then had to tell them that we would be waving them goodbye outside ten minutes later. A smile then appeared on their faces. This was nice to see.
Outside we went, we shook hands and when the busses took off, we stood there waving… Goodbye is always a little sad, but we had new passengers coming on board that afternoon and we had to prepare everything for them. Around 15.30 passengers started arriving; we handed out their blue jackets. (Fram passengers always wear these by the way) 

Dinner was served in the evening and we also had the mandatory safety drill.
In the late evening the captain welcomed the new passengers in the Panorama lounge, a speech, a toast, presentations of all officers, other staff, expedition team and the hotel manager gave out important information. During the night we experienced northern lights for the first time this trip.
Only a few passengers were awake to see it, though it was not strong and did not fill the entire sky, we saw it! It was there and it was green! So now we say goodnight and see you again tomorrow!