Thursday 18 September 2014

11.09.14 Myggbukta DAY 8

During the night the Fram took us through Nordfjorden and anchored up in front of the amazing Walterhausen Glacier. The glacier is connected to the Inland ice. The front is 12 kilometer wide and is up to 20 meter high. We had breakfast and left in the morning heading for the former Norwegian weatherstation Myggbukta.

Myggbukta was the first station to send wireless weatherforecasts from Greenland to the world outside.
Myggbukta is now used as cabin for the Danish Siriuspatrol.
Again we were met by several muskoxen. The expeditionteam went ashore, made a landing on the beach and opened the cabin. A hike group went up-hill and did a medium hike in the area.

Those passengers that went up-hill saw muskoxen and polar hares in the hills just behind the cabin.