Thursday, 18 September 2014

14.09.14 Hvalrossodden / Danmarkshavn DAY 11

This morning we had a landing in Hvalrossodden. This place is a former Danish trapper station built in 1920. And it was used for this purpose until the 1960’s. Today it is being maintained by the Sirius Patrol.
Again we had snow and ice all over the place. 

This time it was a sandy beach though, not rocky like yesterday. The water was freezing and us standing at the landing site ended up with frozen pants as well, but while all passengers were walking around enjoying the weather and their walk, we were drinking hot chocolate and dancing on the beach! During the afternoon we arrived in Danmarkshavn. This was our last stop in Greenland and we had beautiful weather! The sun was shining and even though it was a bit windy. 

No one complained. Again we had snow all over and we were greated by the six residents on the station and their three dogs as well. This was a nice welcome.

This evening we had MV Frams famous crew show! Crew were singing and dancing and the passengers had a small surprise when they saw to familiar faces from the expedition team during the ballroom dance. Tessa and i (Majken) was dancing as well. So all in all, this was a very nice last day in Greenland. We are now ending the Greenland season and are about to cross over to Svalbard.