Sunday, 28 September 2014

A very nice two days in mid-Norway

As we travel south on the coast of Norway, and as you might expect, temperatures continue to get milder. Norway spans so many degrees of latitude that we have gone from the chilly Arctic to relatively balmy northern Europe, and we have never left the country!

Yesterday we visited the island of Frøya and enjoyed the opportunity to stretch our legs in town. A local salmon magnate had donated 55 million Norwegian kroner towards the building of a beautiful new cultural centre for the town.

Some brave passengers ventured into the stormy sea on two fast boats for an amazing rafting excursion. All came back wet and happy!

The hurricane-force storm we have been in for the last two days abated a little but it was still a bumpy night as we sailed further south to our destination of Åndalsness, but the bumping and grinding was worth it! What a beautiful place Åndalsness is! 

The town is set on a fiord at the entrance of a spectacular, steep-walled glacial valley.  Excursions took us on bus rides up the valley to the Troll Peaks and Trollveggen- the tallest rock wall in Europe at 1100 metres from top to bottom. It is a famous climbing location and is also used as a platform for base jumping. Still others participated in mid-level and intense hikes up mountainsides near town. We then venture further, up 11 switch-backs to an amazing vantage point up the valley.

Once we returned to the ship, we had a very important visitor in the form of King Neptune. The king never forgets that some of us have never crossed the Arctic Circle and although we did this a couple of days ago he still found time in his busy schedule to visit the ship and “ordane” his new subjects!