Monday, 1 September 2014

Day 8, 28.08, Myggbukta

Myggbukta, also known as Mosquito Bay. This was a former Norwegian radio and meteorology station established in 1922. On the 14th of October the first weather report marking the first wireless connection between Greenland and the rest of the world went out. In 1931 five Norwegian trappers hoisted the Norwegian flag and claimed the area. The flag was lowered again in 1959 and the station shut down eventually. Today it still gets visits from different cruises, scientists and so on.
This morning we had quite a lot of wind at the landing site. Around 15 meters per second. This was the reason our kayaking at the site was cancelled, but the hikers went out for a couple of hours and got to see a lot of both dead and living musk oxes, snow hares, geese and so much more. The hut placed in Myggbukta was actually in a very nice shape. It was bigger than other huts we have visited, it had loads of food and everything was ready for the next visitors by the time we left. Because it is very important to clean the huts before we leave.

We spent the rest of the day sailing in fjords. We went into Kajser Franz Josef fjord, with the amazing moutains all around the ship. Greenland is a huge country and you very easily feel small. We definitely felt small today while sailing here. We also went into the Nordfjord and here we are going to stay all night, because of the glacier that is lying right next to us. This is a very beautiful place. So goodnight from us here at Fram. See you in the morning!