Thursday, 18 September 2014

10.09.14 Ella Ø / Blomsterbukta DAY 7

In the most beautiful weather we arrived the station at Ella Ø early in the morning.
We were met by a muskox standing on the bridge between the red bulidings.
Ella Ø is placed in some of the North-Eastgreenlands most magnificent and breathtaking surroundings. The islands landmark ”Bastionen” is a vertical cliff that raises 1367 meters above the Kong Oscar Fiord.

After landing at the beach we visited the mainbuilding and continued hiking trough the station area (the muskox had left) and followed the ridges around the lake  - just above the station. At the westside of the lake four muskoxen showed up. A great opportunity to take good photoshots. In the lake the red-throated divers did not seem to be disturbed by the visitors.

In the afternoon we continued to Blomsterbugten at Ymer Ø. A hut ”Varghytten” was placed here back in 1929. ”Varg” means wolf in Scandinavian.  We sended a large group of hikers ahead. Just like at Ella Ø several muskoxen showed up, but the expedition team guided us through the area safe.
The kayakers went out padling along the shore.

In the night the Northern light gave us a show with its beautiful curtains.