Sunday 7 September 2014

Flateyri 06.09 DAY 3

For the first time in a while we actually had some sun! We started our day in the small town Flateyri, close to Ísafjörður. It was windy… But for some reason it was only really windy at the pier next to Fram. About an hour after we arrived we got to see the sun. This meant no rain and no fog! So you could also see the mountains. Amazing scenery.


We started an excursion going to see the fjords and flowers. A bus ride with several small stops around the area. The guests got to see the Botanical Garden and really enjoyed themselves Other than that, we also had a hike where guests did not have to sign up. This was also a success. Walking around in the beautiful nature… I mean, how bad can that be? And then in sunshine as well!
We left Flateyri in the afternoon and went on to a small Island called Vigur. Here we were going to look for Eider Ducks… But instead we got to see whales! The entire front of the ship was filled with blue jackets, cameras all pointed the same way and we just enjoyed it while the whales were playing around in front of Fram.

In the evening we arrived in Ísafjörður and some guests went out exploring the city by night. Because now it actually gets dark again, this is nice… Fram doesn’t get to see a lot of darkness during this season, because of the midnight sun.