Sunday, 7 September 2014

Grundarfjordur 05.09 DAY 2

Today we started the day in Grundarfjordur, a really nice small town. Most passengers went out on different excursions, one of them started early; at 8:30 we took off to Snæfellsnes.
Great scenery, beautiful nature and a lot of smaller stops during the 5 hour long trip. The weather was okay up until the afternoon, rain started pouring from the sky and the wind was a little harsh. We all wished for sun at that moment.

The other excursion to the Shark farm went smoothly as well and again passengers enjoyed their time.

In the afternoon we also had a hike, but because of the wind and the rain it was a bit harder than expected. Especially up hill. But everyone on it survived and came back on the ship in time. Then we went on our way again, now we are heading to Isafjordur, so goodnight for now, see you again tomorrow!