Thursday, 18 September 2014

12.09.14 Dødmannsbukta / Daneborg DAY 9

In Dødemandsbugten at Clavering Ø we made a landing in the morning. Back in 1943 a station was built for the North-East Sledge Patrol (Sirius Patrol). In 1950 the station was moved to Daneborg. There is only one modernised cabin left in the former station. Just behind the cabin we saw old inuit-ruins and graves. Last time the Inuit were seen alive in North-East Greenland was back in the 1820th by Clavering
In the late afternoon the Fram anchored up in front of Daneborg, which is the headquarter of the Danish Sirius Patrol.
12 people, 6 dogsledges and 90 dogs patrolling 2000 km in one of the worlds most remote areas. The young men in the Patrol must be built out of something special. Imagine to be in these remote areas for two years only with one visit on Iceland for six days to see the dentist.

The members of the Sirius Patrol guided us through the station area. Told us about being a part of the Sirius Patrol. We met their big, but friendly dogs and the sweet puppies running around among the passengers.